Sponsor Levels

Partner with TEDxThunderBay

We welcome your support, whether it’s an in-kind or cash donation.

CASH Visionary
Option to sponsor a non-speaking element of the program (i.e. Lunch, Breaks, Reception, etc.)
A spot in innovation alley
Signature TEDxThunderBay poster
Item in gift bag (at company expense)
Delegate held reservations 8 4 2 1
Tickets to speaker reception (night before) 4 3 2 1
Organization listed in event program Full page with logo Half page with logo Listing (no logo) Listing (no logo)
Organization listed on website Logo with link Logo with link Listing with link (no logo) Listing (no link or logo) Listing (no link or logo)

In-Kind Sponsor Opportunities

Valuation will be determined by TEDxThunderBay to establish Sponsor Level

  • Legal support
  • Marketing support
  • Technology assistance
  • Speaker Dinner
  • Giftbags (w/ small company logo)
  • Giftbag items
  • Food/snacks/beverages
  • Printing/Signage
  • Media Partners
  • Others To Be Determined

If you’d like to become a conference partner, please submit to the form below:


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