Dr. Shohini Ghose – The Surprising Power of Uncertainty”

  • Shohini GhoseA 2014 TED Fellow and a rising star in physics, Shohini’s research in quantum information and chaos theory has received worldwide attention.  She is Associate Professor and Director of the Centre for Women In Science at Wilfrid Laurier University, and an Affiliate of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.  Shohini recently co-authored the first Canadian university textbook in introductory astronomy. She has a passion for breaking down barriers to women in science, and was named “Woman Physicist of the Month” by the American Physical Society.  Winner of several international awards and recently featured in W Network’s list “15  awe-inspiring Canadian women you need to know”.  She makes science accessible and will enlighten us on how physics will help shape our future.


DJ Sures – “Giving apps legs! Our future with robotics?”

DJ2As a visionary Canadian Roboticist, DJ Sures is making his mark. He has worked in the field of network and computer security, robotics, and artificial intelligence.  Experience with Symantec, Cisco Systems, and NASA, all formed a solid base as he created his  successful company EZ-Robot.

By designing one of the world’s easiest and most powerful robot building platforms, DJ has been able to expand his product line to over 103 countries, and is responsible for the development of nearly 20,000 robots world wide.

Though the company is based in Calgary, DJ returns often to his hometown of Thunder Bay. Summers find him at Shuniah’s Ishkibibble Beach, enjoying a break and further  cultivating his creativity.




Trina Diner – “telemedicine innovations – the results are remarkable”

  • Trina DinerTrina has worked for over 20 years in computer programming, IT and project management and communications.  She obtained her masters  in Management Science from the University of Waterloo and is the current Manager of Palliative Care and Telemedicine, at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.  As a pioneer focused on “change for the better” using technology, Trina passionately works with the terminally ill to help provide better quality medical care.  She has been recognized as a hands-on expert in her field, as medicine and technology work together to the benefit and comfort of all patients regardless of age or situation.


Kevin Kuchta – “finding the path”

Kevin KutchaKevin is co-owner of a software development company specializing in key performance indicators and systems, in Thunder Bay.

He was active helping others at an early age, managing a group home at just 19 years old. Subsequently he worked in the education system with children with disabilities for 8 years.

A Keynote Speaker at the International Medical Informatics Conference in Dubai, Kevin has been a “best practises” invitee for the Director of Special Education for Ontario.

The combination of his knowledge of computer software and systems with his passion for helping the disabled have led him to develop a “best path method” that continues to intrigue and engage those in the field of disability rehabilitation..



Linda Lundstrom – “Authenticity: it’s ok to be you”

Linda Lundstrum

From Red Lake, Ontario, Linda is a Canadian icon in the fashion industry. As an artist, pioneer, and leader, she has created more than 100 collections of clothing for authentic women.

Over her career Linda has been honoured with Doctorates from Ryerson University, Mount St Vincent University, and Laurentian University, as well as awarded with the “Order of Ontario”.

She is passionate in bringing her ‘Sewing Circle Project’ an Economic Development initiative, to  First Nations communities in Northwestern Ontario.




Lora Northway – “breaking the ties that bind us”

lora-northwayAs an outstanding artist in her own right, Lora would willingly give up her own work, just to help others discover the healing properties of creative art. Time after time, she has helped her students bloom into the best they can be, using art as the catalyst. This is a woman of passion who is walking the walk and wants to shine a light on the way art can help us.

Lora was named one of this year’s Emerging Cultural Leaders by the Artist-Run Centres & Collectives of Ontario (ARCCO). The first-time award celebrates people who are “exceptional, emerging, creative champions.”



Wali Shah – “breaking out”

Wali Shah

Selected by Plan Canada as one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 in 2014, Wali Shah is a musician and poet, currently studying U of T.

He is a Mississauga resident and you may have seen Wali on MTV, or read about him in the Toronto Star.

He has volunteered hundreds of hours, and helped raise over 1$ million dollars for The United Way, to support his community, and along the way has even free styled with hip hop artist, Kendrick Lamar.

Wali has gone from at risk student in jail, to a life of helping others, and has a unique way of connecting to listeners.




Leah Parsons – “a kinder way”

Leah ParsonsLeah is an award winning change maker, compassionate global steward and powerful keynote presenter who speaks from the heart about her daughter’s rape and subsequent suicide.

Her determination to make things right gave her the courage and tenacity to go public with Rehtaeh’s story, advocate for her daughter and ensure that changes were made.

Leah has appeared in news articles all over the world, been featured in documentaries, appeared on the Dr Phil show and has had personal meetings with heads of state.

She continues to honour Rehtaeh by educating and keeping the conversation moving about sexualized violence, cyber-harassment and mental health.




  Omer Aziz – “engineering the mind for peak performance”


Omer is a professional engineer who crossed over to Senior Director of  HR with BlackBerry in the United Kingdom.

His passion is exponential growth and how to achieve your “A” game. .

Using an engineering approach Omer speaks clearly and effusively on techniques that apply to everyone from small children to 90 year olds, to achieve at a peak performance level.

He is currently the Senior Vice President of HR at Sysomos, a data analytics company.




Kacey Ronaldson – “tissue engineering – personalized medicine of the future”


Kacey RonaldsonKacey attended Columbia University where she received her M.Sc. and Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering. Her graduate studies were with  Dr.   Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic, and she now works with  “human on a chip models “ for drug screening and disease modelling.  In addition to working with the Womensphere Foundation Kacey also spends time mentoring and inspiring young women to pursue STEM related fields.

As one of the  cofounders of TARA Biosystems, she will be developing  a lab in New York, to further their astounding research in developing better solutions, faster,  for health care enhancements the world over.


Dr. Sherri (Sam) Mason – “So you like clean water?”



By complete accident, Dr. Sherry “Sam” Mason found her passion while sailing on the Great Lakes and has been an advocate of clean water ever since. She poses the question: what will happen to  our water systems if we continue our habits with plastics of all kinds?

When Sam’s discovery that Lake Erie had higher concentrations of micro plastics than any other body of water on Earth – with concentrations exceeding data collected in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – alarm bells started to ring.

Her passion and ideas to help protect our water and wildlife will definitely challenge your thinking.



Tamara Bernard – “another lens to see through”

tamaraSpeaking on a topic where there is often an awkward silence – violence and vulnerability of native women and women in general – Tamara pays homage to her murdered Great Grandmother in a talk that will stir emotions and make us think.

Offering an alternative perspective, she looks at life through a new lens. For the last 8 years she has dedicated herself to learning, studying, giving guest lectures, working at art showcases, and even the CTV See Me MMIWG Art Installation Project. Tamara wants to bring a light to violence and women, and in a positive manner bring awareness of the hidden reality of what is happening and has happened, and to give us the lens to understand.




Emily Cross “what was I waiting for?”

555b5fb400cd9.image15 year-old Emily Cross of Thunder Bay, was selected as one of the twelve young scientists representing Team Canada at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Pittsburgh. She speaks of her passion to pursue interests in unconventional fields, and the stumbling blocks she encountered, and how she overcame them. Her discovery of false aging systems for artefacts has lead her to speak in Canada and as a guest representative/speaker for several mining and school events in Minnesota.

Emily has started a mentoring program where she mentors local students in their scientific inquiries, and was recently appointed the Regional Director of Sustainable Youth Canada..




Sebastien Gendron – “It’s not the train, it’s not the plane…-coming soon – the HyperLoop!”

sebastianSebastien Gendron, founder of Transpod, works with the University of Toronto toward the goal of having a commercial prototype hyperloop by 2020

Dynamic, bilingual, and with 10 years’ experience in the Aerospace industry from Airbus, Bombardier and Safran, Sebastian has had a life long dream to create positive change, in the field of transportation.

He managed international teams in challenging environments and has a Master Degree in Aerospace Engineering from SUPAERO and the University of Aix-Marseille II, France.

Sebastian will speak of the Hyperloop and its impact, and the fact that it is real, and closer around the corner than we all think.